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The Truth about Business Angels


Mitigating your Risk
The economic impact of Business Angels...
The future of Angel Investment 2040 

Paulo Andrez, Investor, Entrepreneur and President Emeritus, EBAN, will discuss Risk Mitigation and how Business Angels can help entrepreneurs to reduce risk in their start-ups. Risk management is all about understanding risks that can impact your objectives, and implementing strategies to mitigate and manage those risks. 

He will also look at the economic impact of Business Angels - Since inception, in 2007, the Business Angel Partnership (BAP), has continued to grow, closing 156 deals and raising over €71.8 million in investment for Entrepreneurs across all sectors with a rapidly increasing component of cross border and international business angel seed capital investment. CorkBIC has done 67 deals raising €23.17m and the business grows each year.

The Future of Angel Investment 2040 - Business angel investing – a key source of finance for entrepreneurial businesses – is evolving from individuals investing on their own to one that is increasingly characterised by groups of investors investing together through managed angel syndicates. How does the future look?

Paulo is speaking at Business without Boundaries on Nov 27th in Ballymaloe - Register TODAY

Paulo served as President of EBAN from 2012-2014 (European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and start-ups). He is member of the European Commission Advisory Group “Innovation in SMEs”, since 2013. Since 2012, he has been advising several European governments on Early Stage Investment policies. In 2012 he received the award for the “Best European Angel Investment”, by EBAN. Paulo Andrez was chairman of the World Business Angels Leaders Forum (Estoril, 2007) that decided to create the World Business Angel Association. 



Creating Companies that Break New Ground and are Disruptive

What does it take to Create a Global Footprint? Do you want your business to grow and expand?

In this video Kevin O'Leary, CEO Qumas at BIOVIA talks about the importance of encouraging SMEs and start-ups to feed off mentors and seasoned entrepreneurs. To examine their experiences of how to grow and expand successfully on a global stage. Kevin is chairing the discussion on Creating Companies that break New Ground and are Disruptiveat the CorkBIC Business without Boundaries Conference on November 27th in Ballymaloe. 

Kevin will be joined on the panel by David McWilliams, leading economist; Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus, EBAN; Ger O'Mahony, ActionPoint & VoxPro and Charles Garvey, Metabolomic Diagnostics and Nitrosell. These business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors will share their experiences and insights into Disruptive Growth and building companies that reinvent the model.


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