Enterprise Ireland reports rise in numbers looking to start businesses

19 May, 2008

This is according to Enterprise Ireland regional director Martin Doyle who said the number of enquiries his organisation has had from people looking to start a business, coupled with the start-up pipeline that Enterprise Ireland has, is very buoyant at the moment.

Mr Doyle said there’s now an urgent need for people to start a business.
“It hasn’t escaped people’s attention that there has been a considerable amount of downsizing and closures of larger industries, both multi-national and indigenous and as a result of that obviously there’s a loss of employment. But in addition to that, this frees up a lot of management knowledge and management personnel who have the knowledge, experience and confidence to run their own businesses.”

He added that despite the doom and gloom in the financial markets, the Irish start-up sector is bucking the trend and performing well.

“While the banking scene is different and challenging at the moment there are other sources of finance available from Enterprise Ireland, the business expansion scheme and speciality venture capital start-up companies spread through-out the country that are willing and able to invest in start-up enterprises.”

Mr Doyle said there’s increasing evidence that there’s bright, well-educated people coming out with international marketing experience well capable of operating their own enterprise.

He also said there’s no strain on Enterprise Ireland in terms of providing funding at the moment.

“It’s quite the opposite. We see a clear need to be generous and helpful in every way for all new enterprises.”

Mr Doyle was speaking at the BT Small Business and Franchise Show in Cork over the weekend.

Head of strategy and business planning with BT business, Liam O’Brien said small and medium businesses are the lifeblood of the local Irish economy.

“We are committed to providing services to meet businesses needs, and want to better understand the challenges they face and the opportunities they must successfully exploit in order to survive and thrive.”


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