Practical Innovation Programme 2007/2008

30 January, 2008

We cannot stand still; companies must innovate or they will stagnate. This has never been more true, as competition increases in the marketplace and CorkBIC has placed innovation as the centre of all of our efforts to develop West Cork businesses.

In November, 5 West Cork and 1 South Cork company commenced a Practical Innovation Programme which the Enterprise Boards are running in conjunction with CorkBIC. It will give the participants access to a range of business experts, skills and tools to develop innovation in their businesses, accelerate route to market and reduce risk. This will involve an Innovation Audit & Benchmarking of each business, group workshops on implementation planning, execution of the plan and review.

Programme Objectives:

- Evaluate the levels of innovation with client companies- develop, enhance and focus the innovation strategies of client companies

- Provide practical innovation tools for client companies that can be re-used and re-applied

- Assist client companies develop specific, measurable, achievable and realistic business benefits through innovation over a specific time period. Such benefits may include reduced costs, increased efficiencies or the development of new competitive advantages and strategies

- Help companies build a sustainable capacity for innovation and the basis for creating good ideas

- Provide the client company participants with the skills necessary to maintain and secure business benefits through practical innovation.

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