Prep4Seed Programme Kicks off for 12 Week Investor Ready Programme

14 March, 2023


Prep4Seed is a 12 week intensive programme for Enterprise Ireland startup clients that prepares them for seed investment opportunities. It is delivered nationally by the Irish Business Innovation Centres (BICS): WestBIC, Furthr, South East BIC & CorkBIC.

CorkBIC is delighted to be working with 4 amazing clients for the Prep4Seed Programme, they are:

  • MyGug
  • Great Island
  • Seriously Sound Food
  • Craoi


More Informationon Prep4Seed

Prep4Seed consists of four Masterclasses which are practical and specific in content with inputs from successful startups. Prep4Seed takes a tailored approach with the opportunity for regular 1-2-1 reviews, which ensures content from the Masterclasses is applied in a relevant way to each company.

The six 1-2-1s and tailored client-led bespoke one-to-one activity with the experienced BIC consultants differentiate Prep4Seed from other programmes. Individual, tailored company focus – for which the BICs are well known, brings these startup clients through the investor readiness process quickly and effectively.

Participants are given an opportunity for an investor pitch preparation session and trial pitches. The trial pitches and feedback ensures the promoter focuses the pitch on what investors want. An Investor Day – gathering Ireland’s top pre-seed and seed investors -  is a considerable incentive for companies to participate and focuses the participants on the end goal, instills confidence in the founders and opens doors for future conversations with investors.

If you are interested in getting involved in the next Prep4Seed programme email CorkBIC at

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