“It can be a lonely place when you are an emerging entrepreneur. You are trying to do everything”

02 September, 2021

Recently our Media Partner Tom Lyons of The Currency and 'Captain' of the Entrepreneur Experience™, Pete Smyth caught up for a chat on what the Entrepreneur Experience™ is all about. Great to hear Tom Lyons talk about his & Ian Kehoe's Entrepreneurial Journey & how the Entrepreneur Experience was a 'pivotal moment' and 'gaining the confidence' to start The Currency'.


Pete Smyth spoke about how important it is working ON the business, rather than IN the Business “Sometimes you end up having an approach where you are working in the business as opposed to on the business. As you scale there is a necessity to step back from the business and work more on the business than in the business.”


Each year, 24 emerging businesses spend 24 hours with seasoned entrepreneurs at the CorkBIC Entrepreneur Experience™. As the deadline for applications nears, Pete Smyth, the founder of investment firm Broadlake and the captain of the event, explains to Tom Lyons of The Currency how it benefits both fledgling and established company founders.

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