IoT Webinar & Workshop

27 January, 2021


IoT Webinar & Workshop

Wed Jan 27 - 09:30

Practical IoT Success Stories - What works in IoT


Join CorkBIC & all the ATVirtual Partners for a valuable Internet of Things (IoT) event on Jan 27 at 09:30 (Irish Time)

  • Workshop to understand the practical functionality of IoT
  • Inspirational presentations about real life IoT applications in maritime environments
  • More Info & to register:


Michael O'Connor, CorkBIC will chair the session to discuss what works in IoT with the following companies

Joe Perrott, CEO & Co-Founder, Remote Signals, an internet of things (IoT) platform company focusing on applications in the commercial refrigeration sector. Founded in 2017, it has developed a range of temperature monitoring products and solutions to allow commercial retailers and operators to automatically supervise refrigeration cabinets.

Mike McCormack, CEO, AnswerisIQ has developed a data analytics platform that captures a range of data from its intelligent data capturing devices deployed to electricity distribution networks, The platform is designed to enhance and optimize the Electricity Distribution Network. This enables the Distribution Operator to avoid financial penalties for poor performance, and accelerate the integration of renewables to the network.

Denis Murphy, Operations Director, Over-C; empowers and connects frontline workers to senior executive with the technology necessary to drive down costs and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Over-C is the Telematics answer to visualising employee operations live. Transparent compliance monitoring of risk reduction tasks, from anywhere. Over-C’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides business with the ability to gather real-time data on critical environmental and operational data.



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