BIC February News

27 February, 2017

CorkBIC February Newsletter

  • 2017 Entrepreneur Experience® NEWS
  • Robust Screening leads to 200+ company pitches to Angel Investors in 2016 
  • OncoMark Secures €2.1 Million in funding - new test for Breast Cancer 
  • Helixworks one of the 50 finalists for the ninth annual SXSW Accelerator Pitch event 
  • Modern Botany takes skincare back to its natural source 
  • EBAN invites Investors to join the InvestHorizon ePitches Online
  • Good ideas don't sell themselves......
  • CorkBIC Board member Kieran Drain departs for the US
  • Wishing IBYE Finalists Good Luck in the FINAL
  • The Best in Cyber Security - Zero Day Conference - Dublin Mar 7th

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