EOS partners combine to aid Irish company ServusNet in signing deal with NSN

19 January, 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks is collaborating with Cork-based renewable energy software specialist ServusNet to help wind-power operators optimise power generation and delivery.

ServusNet is using NSN Open's Element Management System (EMS) suite, a software platform for both utility and telecommunications network management across different technologies and vendors.

As an example of the opportunities for smart grids, a Climate Group report estimated that energy losses in India could be reduced by 30% through improved grid monitoring and management.

Nokia Siemens Networks expertise in dealing with huge volumes of data in real time, the automation of user processes and instant changes in network configuration can be directly applied to power grids. For example, the flexibility and scalability make the Open EMS Suite an ideal software platform for the energy sector.

With the envisaged introduction of smart metering, the measurement of energy consumption in real time can be used to balance peak-hour loads and make better use of off-peak supplies, as well as offering more varied tariff structures. Nokia Siemens Networks' smart metering solution is based on its charge@once software, now serving more than 500 million telecoms subscribers worldwide.


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