Cork Electronics Industry Association Presents"Merging Technology, Regulation and Business, the Way Forward"

06 October, 2008

A conference on Semiconductor, Hardware and Software Systems Directions

Cork Electronics Industry Association is holding its first Seminar on October 21st in the Maryborough Hotel.

Featuring expert Panels and speakers on what the future holds for Advanced Technology Design and Manufacture. Focussing on Hardware, Software and Semiconductor technologies this Seminar will give the attendee an insight into the important advances in these technologies including complete life cycle aspects of compliance and regulation issues, IPR protection and even how to go about financing new entrepreneurial endeavours.

The Opening Keynote of the conference will be given by Minister Billy Kelleher TD, Minister for Labour.

So, if you're currently working in the Semiconductor, Electronics or Embedded Software field, Manufacturing Hardware Devices or looking to do a start up venture in these areas then the CEIA Semiconductor, Hardware & Systems Seminar is a must. You get an all day opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the changes in technology both Design and Manufacturing as well as hear the latest on Venture Funding and Regulations.

This inaugural seminar gives you the chance to listen to four industry panels on Design Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, IPR Protection and Compliance as well as opportunities to fund innovation in your company or as a new entrepreneurial adventure. This first seminar takes a broad look at the area of Technology Development, Manufacturing and Funding and enlists the help of world leading companies listed under the participating organisations section.

You will get a peek into the future for Semiconductor, FPGA and Embedded Software Technologies and hear how ASIC development and the technology developments Mixed Signal market will affect your business. From Design to Manufacturing, leading companies will discuss how PCB technologies and Test technologies are keeping up with the pace to more and more complex System Development.

In the second part of the Seminar you will hear discussions from companies specializing in Compliance and Regulation as well as the increasing critical area of IPR creation and protection.

Finally you'll have a chance to listen to how the Venture Capital and Development Government Agencies view the opportunities in the H/W and Embedded Systems industry and where the opportunities are for you and your company.

This Seminar is for leading professionals in the industry of H/W and Embedded Systems Design and Manufacture and will give you an opportunity in one compact day to broaden your knowledge of a variety of critical areas as well as offer a tremendous networking opportunity for you with other career professionals attending from all over Ireland as well as the Seminar Speakers and Companies in attendance.

If you have any questions regarding registration or conference details please visit: or contact:

Malachy McElroy

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Tel : 087 225 2857

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