ViClarity was established in 2006 to deliver class leading Strategic Performance Management and Compliance software. The business has grown rapidly and secured Boston Scientific as its first corporate customer in 2008. Since then ViClarity has built a customer base of leading international businesses and delivered solutions in corporate performance management, Compliance, Contractor management, Educational Program Management and Stakeholder Visibility and a host of other performance applications.   

Founder Ogie Sheehy and ViClarity have received many enterprise awards and accolades during the growth of the business and secured both private and Enterprise Ireland support to drive the growth of the business in international markets.

Clients include Allianz Worldwide Care, RTÉ, Mowlam Healthcare, the Barry Group, Dublin City University and Boston Scientific.

ViClarity achieved Enterprise Ireland HPSU status in 2011, leading to a funding and investment package.

‘There is no secret to our success. Besides having the best Strategic Performance Management software available today, we have a great team of experienced people and rapidly growing partner network. It’s all about the people, and we are partnering with the best’.

CorkBIC and ViClarity

  • CorkBIC worked with ViClarity to define their business proposition, obtain HPSU approval, and help them find investment.
  • In 2012, ViClarity raised a substantial investment of €400,000 through CorkBIC Business Angel Partnership and Enterprise Ireland.
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