Testimonials & Feedback from Participants at the Entrepreneur Experience April 2011

"Rehab for the Recession" "The Event was as good as it gets" "An incredibly uplifting can do event with incredible honesty by business superstars" "It was like drinking redbull for 24 hours!" "I could have saved myself travelling 50,000 miles!" - Read more comments and feedback from the Entrepreneur Experience®.


This event was as a good as gets, the future of Ireland is in the entrepreneurial small companies, we should stick togetherFrank Madden, Crest Solutions

I could have saved myself travelling 50,000 miles over the past 12 months! I travelled 12 miles from my home today and met 2 people who have been more help than anyone I met previously!William Opperman, MPStor

There is real optimism here today. You will never fatten a pig by weighing it!Liam Casey, PCH International

Inspirational and Energetic, it was like drinking Red Bull for 24 hours! - Kevin O’Leary, Qumas

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A fantastic event. Angel dust for start ups! - Eugene Murphy, Instidia (

Rehab for the Recession - An incredibly uplifting can do event with incredible honesty by business superstars - Paul Prendergast, Yougetitback.

Talking will only get you so far, action is what really speaks - Tom Mulvihill, Cash Audit Systems

Refreshing to be with so many ‘can-do’ positive people, just cannot put a price on it - Ciaran Fitzgearld, Blue Haven Food Company

More work done in the last 24 hours than in the last 9 monthsSean McGowan, Blocated

Inspirational Svetlana O’Farrell, Killaloe Food Products




 I came with a set of plans and ideas which were totally changed within the first 20 minutes, received some great advice and guidance and am leaving extremely excited and informedDavid Hall,

The Race is not always to the swift; nor victory always to the bold but that’s the way to betDylan Evans, Projection Point quoted Damon Runyon

The synergy in the room was amazing; it was a great opportunity to work ON the business and not IN the business Paul O’Brien, LinkresQ

Anybody can see the seed in the apple, but it takes a very special person to see the apple in the seedRobert Owens, Logajob quoted Robert Schuller.

It was an uplifting experience, it was great to feel that you were not on your ownDesmond Byrne, ProductWorld

We became a big family in a very short timeSeamus McNamara, Verify

This experience has been both invigorating and refreshing; like a shower I feel totally re-invigorated and refreshedAlex McDonnell, Xpertivity

This event was very different, we got a great insight into the Seasoned Entrepreneurs who have climbed the ladderOgie Sheehy, YouComply

I spent a day mixing with others who are making the future happen - Paul O’Brien LinkresQ

The Entrepreneur Experience was an amazing 24 Hours with the opportunity to network with Ireland's leading business people - the honesty, assistance and learnings will not be forgotten - Mike McGrath,

If you want me to speak for an hour, give me no warning; if you want me to speak for minutes, give me days! - Ann Sheahan, ManOPT, quoted a US President

Meeting Liam Casey at this event has renewed my self confidence and lifted the horizon on where I want to go Andrew O’Shaughnessy, Newsweaver

I feel this event has made a significant impact on me and my business. I met real contactsMary Scannell, Scannell Solutions

I have learnt that failure is not necessarily a bad thing Paul Prendergast, Yougetitback

Refreshing and recharged the batteries Charles Garvey, Nitrosell

What doesn’t kill you will you make you better - quoted Ann Sheahan, ManOPT

Success comes from what we know and acknowledging what we don’t knowColette Twomey, Clonakilty Black Pudding

I feel reinvigorated after this event, it is good to get your head out of the business for 24 hoursFrankie Whelehan, Choice Hotels Ireland

Now its time for people to turn their words into actions and their dreams into reality Paul Hands, Raman Diagnostics

Enterprises are like a baby or a relationship they need to be nurtured to growEnda O’Coineen, Killkillen Kapital

Passion and Energy are in abundance at this event Anne O’Leary, Kinematik

A great positive environmentJim Barry, Barry Group

Relationships are keyPat O’Flynn, Solvotrin

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