Pitching Companies 2021

Companies pitching at the 2021 CorkBIC Venture Academy

25 March 2021 11:00 – 13:00




Cormac O'Riordan, CEO; Mick Corcoran, CTO & Dave Alton Marketing Director

Banba is a marketplace app which allows customers to order and pay for food and drinks from their phone. Banba enables mobile-contactless-ordering, which works in four ways; Table-Service, Counter-Collection, Delivery, and Click & Collect. Banba has partnered with BOI Payment Acceptance, enabling it to charge the lowest all-in fees on the market, whilst offering a high-quality solution.


Investment Sought: €510,000

Location: Cork, Ireland


Great Island Films

Mark Kenny & Jim Robinson, Co-Founders

Great Island Films acquires and develops IP (live-action and animation), with a focus on producing high-quality content for the international entertainment streaming market. 


Investment Sought: €200,000

Location: Cork, Ireland



Darren Sexton, CEO

GuardYoo is a cybersecurity vendor specialising in remote Compromise Assessment. A Compromise Assessment is a technical review of a network to identify previously undetected vulnerabilities. GuardYoo is unique as a cyber vendor because it democratises this standard of cyber audit by automating it in the cloud.


Investment Sought: €1.5 million

Location: Cork, Ireland and Ukraine



Ciaran Brennan, CEO & Founder

LiveCosts, built by construction people to solve real construction problems, is a project centric digital procurement, invoicing & cost management system. In its first year of launch the platform has seen over €10m of material procured digitally, with over 800 users and currently manages over €150m of active projects across Ireland, UK, Australia & New Zealand.


Investment Sought: €1 million

Location: Dublin, Ireland


Pyro Recycling

Gavin Duffy, Founder & CEO

Pyro Recycling Ltd. is a clean tech company that have developed the next generation of plastic chemical recycling plants. Pyro’s plant converts waste plastic into a valuable oil. Their plant is the first in the industry to be fully scalable, highly energy efficient and capable of removing contaminants mid process.


Investment Sought: €300,000

Location: Cork, Ireland



Nicholas Gorman, co-founder 

SafeScore is a technology startup headquartered in County Kerry, Ireland. SafeScore is a B2B SaaS solution restoring confidence in travel in a safe and sustainable way. The travel and risk reports generated by SafeScore help travel professionals convert unsure customers to confident passengers and grow their revenues along the way.


Investment Sought: €500,000

Location: Kerry, Ireland


Trust Place

Gaelle Delore & Didier Mattalia, Co-Founders

Trust-Place allows Brands to create and manage the identity and digital ownership of their products throughout their life, thus creating a unique, dynamic and timeless link between the Brands, their products, and all their customers.


Investment Sought: €300,000

Location: France



Shaun McBrearty, Co-Founder, Cryptography

Tilo Weigandt, Co-Founder, Product & Marketing

Ryan Lasmaili, Co-Founder, Product & Operations


Vaultree offers Fully Encrypted B2B Solutions with groundbreaking tech, allowing companies to work with fully encrypted data at the highest performance levels, in the simplest and user-friendliest form at an accessible price. Vaultree are commercialising the most advanced encryption technology to be available not only for the few, but the many.


Investment Sought: €2.1 million

Location: Tipperary, Ireland



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