At the recent Entrepreneur Experience, 24 emerging businesses received 24 hours of intense, in-depth mentoring with seasoned entrepreneurs. Here the Entrepreneur Experience's captain Pete Smyth picks his key learnings from this year’s event.

Some of the key themes that Pete looked are:

  • Impact starts with awareness and small actions
  • Customers are more than customers, they are partners
  • Understand value over price
  • Positively impactful businesses are better businesses
  • And many more interesting nuggets from the event

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“The way I see it is you set out on the road on a very foggy night and as long as you keep between the ditches the fog will lift."

Tom Lyons, CEO & co-founder of The Currency spoke to Frank Madden CEO, Founder Crest Solutions at the recent CorkBIC Entrepreneur Experience.

Frank participated in the very first Entrepreneur Experience in 2011 as an emerging entrepreneur and since has returned for the last number of years as one of our key Seasoned Entrepreneurs. Tom participated in the 2019 Entrepreneur Experience alongside his co-founder Ian Kehoe having just founded The Currency.

CorkBIC has worked with and supported Frank since the very start of Crest Solutions. Frank gave a very honest presentation during the Entrepreneur Experience, on his journey from Bootstrap to Global. “A lot of times when you are setting up in business the first idea might be the stupidest idea, but it doesn’t matter"

For Frank the importance of his customers cannot be understated "For years I only had one sort of simple story to tell. It is the story of being a customer-funded business for 24 years,” "A customer funded business means that the only place I get money from is my customers."

Frank also spoke about the recent investment deal that is "one of the biggest corporate finance deals of the year, yet it barely makes a ripple in the Irish media when it is announced on October 12."

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Our media partners The Currency profied the 24 "Emerging" Entrepreneurs that have been selected to participate in this year's Entrepreneur Experience.

We are delighted that The Currency continue to support the event as a Sponsor, for which we are extremely grateful.

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Each year, 24 emerging businesses spend 24 hours with seasoned entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneur Experience. As the deadline for applications nears, event captain Pete Smyth talks about this year's event, while a number of event alumni explain how they benefited from it.

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