Founded in 2007, Emutex is a software engineering company that specialises in the design and development of complex embedded communication software solutions. Their software can be found in many types of devices including VoIP phone systems, advanced network routers, security firewalls, thin-client displays, alarm systems and metering devices. Customers range from world-renowned multinational Original Equipment Manufacturers, through to business enterprises and insurance brokers.

Company investors include founders John Twomey and Mark Buckley, former engineers with Intel Corporation, Axiom Enterprises Europe (the leading providers of manufacturing test services to Original Equipment Manufacturers in Ireland, Hungary and Poland) and Enterprise.

  • Our team is a blend of highly skilled software and electronic engineers backed by experts in marketing, sales and business development.
  • As of June 2011, Emutex had 15 employees (including 10 engineers) and has continued to expand.
  • Emutex also have a network of trusted partners world-wide who we collaborate with in our efforts to develop world-class solutions and products.

CorkBIC and Emutex

  • CorkBIC helped Emutex to define their proposition, obtain HPSU approval, and then find investment.
  • In 2010 Emutex raised €500,000 to fund its international expansion plans facilitated by the CorkBIC Business Angel Partnership.
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