Celebrating High Growth Entrepreneurs 2019


The 2019 CorkBIC Celebration of High Growth Entrepreneurs, part of the Growth Pathway Programme supported by Cork City Council & Cork County Council was held on Tuesday July 2nd in Vertigo in Cork County Hall with over 70 guests.

We welcomed some great Entrepreneurs including:

  • Jim Costello, Execuive Chairman & CEO, Compliance & Risks
  • Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, ApisProtect
  • Cathal Doorley, CEO & Founder Rezoomo
  • Paul Glavin, CEO & Founder, Glavloc
  • John Goulding, CEO & Co-Founder, Workvivo

We heard from Seasoned Entrepreneur Jim Costello on his key leadership skills in building a business which include the focus on relentless growth, building the right team from the start and having the fitness, stamina and speed to succeed.

We had a very lively panel session with Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, ApisProtect; Cathal Doorley, Rezoomo; Paul Glavin, Glavloc and John Goulding, Workvivo where some of the key messages included; having competition is the best validation of a new startup; engage with your (potential) customers early and learn from their feedback; customer validation is key; get your value proposition into 1 sentence, know what you are doing!!! 

See below some photos from the Event:



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