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Cork Company EnMed Technologies receives Medicare Reimbursement Coding in the USA.

13 July, 2011

Cork Company EnMed Technologies receives Medicare Reimbursement Coding in the USA.

Cork, Ireland July 2011 – EnMed Technologies, a company specialising in medical products, today announced the Medicare Registration Approval of its new SimCair® I-CON Advanced Medical Mattress product in the USA. The SimCair® Medical Mattress Range was initially developed by Noel Daly, Founder of EnMed Technologies. The specialized mattress products are designed specifically to prevent and assist in the treatment of bedsores.

Following 2 years of clinical testing, the company’s SimCair® range is now being sold in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and in Homecare markets in 8 countries around Europe and the recent approval of the product in the US will mean immediate expansion in that market. The Innovative design of the SimCair® I-CON ensures that elderly and long-term bedridden patients are getting the highest level of protection against pressure ulcers (bedsores). In addition, the sealed surface ensures that fluids and infection cannot enter the core of the mattress and the product can be easily and quickly cleaned while on the bed frame, thereby helping to minimise cross infection between patients. This can also provide significant savings for the medical facility by eliminating the need for off-site cleaning and decontamination. EnMed has recently entered a partnership with Audit Diagnostics, a well established East Cork company, whereby SterlSTAT anti-bacterial wipes from Audit Diagnostics are the recommended product for cleaning and decontamination of SimCair® mattress surfaces.

Noel Daly founder of EnMed commented “We are delighted to have received the highest possible Medicare reimbursement code for our SimCair® I-CON in the USA. The process was detailed and took time and investment but we are now ready for full launch through our partners in the USA, such as Drive Medical. Drive Medical are one of the fastest-growing companies in this market and they are the ideal partner company to sell our SimCair I-CON range. Having the Medicare Code allows us to expand significantly in the USA and we are now putting structures in place to fund and manage that expansion. Our partnership with Audit Diagnostics, another East Cork company, is another step for us in providing a full product range and comprehensive service to our customers. Their SterlSTAT range is second to none in terms of suitability for our products.”

Frits Bernhard, Sales Director of EnMed Technologies Ltd states “Each year, about one million people in the United States develop bedsores at a treatment cost of $1 billion. (Source www.healthline.com). In addition, estimates show that cost of treatment/aftercare of a bedsore can range from $2,000 to $45,000, apart from the discomfort and pain suffered by the patient. Prevention is definitely better than cure and that is primarily where our SimCair® products come in.”

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