Starting a Business

CorkBIC has been working in the region for 25 years and provides an integrated process for incubating and growing high-growth companies. CorkBIC identifies, selects and develops several high growth start-ups per year and plays a hands-on role helping each entrepreneur navigate the minefield of raising finance, sorting out business propositions, arranging agreements with shareholders and investors, and, perhaps most important of all, finding customers.

A problem that confronts many entrepreneurs is that they are too close to the action, and miss out on interdisciplinary skills.  At CorkBIC our consultants have all created and financed start-ups themselves and are entrepreneurs in their own right, each with a broad range of industry experience. This ranges from working in the tech sector to multi-nationals and from locally to internationally in Europe and the USA. They understand the engagement process with clients, the issues they are going through and the interdisciplinary mix of problems and opportunities that are faced.

Entrepreneurship is a hands-on game unfortunately not found in books. Backed by practical experience, we advise clients on getting the critical ground breaking actions completed to get to the next platform to minimise risk. By focusing on teams, momentum and customers, they map the path to raising finance and building a coalition of funders, industry partners and technology providers.  In raising finance we are creative in the financial engineering of a business amongst the different stakeholders, brokering deals and working with Boards on issues of effectiveness, performance and governance.

More than eight out of ten start-ups who work with CorkBIC through this process survive after five years – currently (and over 25 years) an 85% survival rate after 5 years, far outstripping the international average of 50%. Every year, CorkBIC identifies, selects and develops several high potential start-ups. At any one time, there would be 40 to 50 companies or projects in the pipeline, ranging from new start-ups to existing companies planning to scale. Over the past 25 years the organisation has put more than 300 start-ups through the system, many of whom come back and re-engage.  Go to our Clients page to read about some of the companies we have worked with.

Contact CorkBIC, Senior Consultant, Larry O'Donoghue today to talk about starting your business and turn your ideas into reality! CorkBIC will supply you with a step by step guide on starting a business.

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